science fiction FROM THE VOID

550AU Now Available on Amazon & Kobo

Imagine a place on Earth so silent you can hear the blood pulse through your veins, so dark your mind fills in for your eyes … This is where astronauts  train and prepare for other worlds.

Here in the lava tubes beneath the Australian tropics, disaster traps Taiyo Yamazaki and a crew of international astronaut candidates, forcing them against each other, against their own minds, and against an oportunistic predator.

Meanwhile, a mysterious planet is hurtling past the solar system. Back home in Japan, Taiyo’s plan to probe the rogue world has him in trouble with the government. Escaping the cave is more than a path to becoming an astronaut, it is the key to avoiding charges of treason.

“[550AU] combines global intrigue, scientific realism, and the cold claw of nature into a unique, page-turning thriller that will make you afraid of the dark and afraid of your own planet.” —NewsPort

550AU Buried in Stone [Book 1]amazon-logo-png-5

Kindle & paperback


Watch the YouTube Trailer HERE

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